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Healing Massage & Hot Stone Massage Certificate Courses are offered monthly in West Kelowna, BC.  If you do not see a date listed, please contact Focus Bodywork.



Begins september 21-22, 2019 

An exclusive life-changing Personal Empowerment program where you will become fully certified in Healing Massage.  Add this valuable healing skill and income to your life!  

This Healing Massage Program will take place ONE WEEKEND per month, in the beautiful retreat location of Peachland.  It will be an in-depth study of Healing Massage.  It is a wonderful opportunity for those interested in learning healing massage, as it is also includes life-changing Personal Empowerment skills, experiences, and more to help students not only learn a wonderful healing massage, but also to be successful as a professional practitioner!  Dates and more....


healing massage certificate course

The purpose of this workshop is to teach participants how to perform an intuitive massage and understand the health benefits, combining practical techniques with simple energy work. It includes practical hands-on sessions.  You will also learn about the body/mind connection, where we store energy blocks, and how to locate them & move them out of the body.  The purpose of massage is to relax and rejuvenate the body which affects all aspects of ourselves, not only the physical.  A certificate is available after successful completion of the course plus a practicum. Dates & More...

healing Hot stone massage certificate course

The purpose of this workshop is to teach participants how to perform a massage using heated stones, and to understand the health benefits, combining practical techniques with simple energy work. You will learn:-

-with practical HANDS-ON SESSIONS both days

-about the body/mind connection

-where we store energy blocks

-how to move energy blocks out of the body.

The purpose of this massage is not only to relax and rejuvenate the body, but to balance it. It is a soothing massage, great for helping arthritis as well as facilitating the healing of a flu, virus, or a cold. A certificate is available after successful completion of the hot stone massage course plus a practicum. Dates & more....

Couple's massage workshop

The purpose of this course is to teach couples to give each other a wonderful, relaxing massage, which also aids in their emotional intimacy.  It is a light enjoyable workshop, in which both partners receive a wonderful massage from each other while they are learning.  The first few hours goes over basics:  how to set up the table, importance of atmosphere including smells or aromatherapy, benefits, and an introduction to vocabulary & basic techniques.  Most of the day is instruction on routine, technique & posture, hands-on, giving each other a massage.    Dates & more....


How to Start a small business workshop

From drafting a business plan to finding the start up money, this workshop will teach you what you need to know about starting your small business.  It covers seven steps:  vision,  market analysis, business plan, financing, set up, promotion, and management.  It also points you to resources to find more information when you need it.  Come and join us for a fun and informative afternoon!  Dates & more...


Goals are one of the most basic and essential skills needed in order to reach ones's destination.  It is a characteristic of successful people.  Manifesting is the logical result to setting goals. This workshop most definitely reviews the steps to make realistic goals happen, but also goes beyond to teach you to access the powerful, unseen part of our mind that allows us to receive the success that we deserve and learn what to do when setbacks occur.  It will help your personal life as well as your business life. Come and join us for a fun and productive day! Dates & more...

How to do body polish and body wraps workshop

This workshop teaches you all the steps to perform spa body polishes (sometimes called salt glows) and bodywraps.  Both of these services can be added to a massage, or offered as a separate service.  They are very easy to learn.  By offering these simple services, it is  a great way to easily add to your monthly income.  Come and join us for a fun and informative afternoon! Dates & more...

taking action for your health

Do you have problems sleeping?  Would you like more energy?  Would you like to easily lose weight?  Do you take prescription drugs and are tired of the side effects?  Would you like to improve your memory?

Learn the basic nutrition needs of your body which give you the answer to these questions, and more.

This is an 8-week program which connects you with your group 5 days a week for a 15-minute conference call.  It teaches scientific facts about nutrition. It touches on Chinese Medicine. It keeps you accountable and supported. It gives you a list of the proper foods to eat plus supports you with correct herbal supplements to give your body the complete nutrition it needs for energy & to heal itself, as nature intended.  The body was created to be able to heal itself in 365 days, with proper nutrition.

It is supportive and inspiring! 

For more information, please contact Focus Bodywork.