Sharon Strang, Massage and Holistic Health Instructor

Sharon Strang, Massage and Holistic Health Instructor

About Sharon

Sharon Strang, the instructor, has been teaching massage for about 25 years.  Her personal growth background, experience, and education has helped her to support many people in learning to do massage in an enjoyable, easy-to-learn format.  She is the former owner of The Wellness Spa, which she successfully managed for almost 14 years in Kelowna, B.C.   She is now offering many private courses, beyond just massage, to help practitioners start & expand their business.  She also taught weekend Healing Massage Certificate Courses a few times a year at Okanagan College in Kelowna B.C., where she was employed for about 10 years.

Sharon aspires to teach courses all over Canada.  She has taught Healing Massage courses in Golden, B.C., Dawson Creek and in Fort St. John from 2016 - 2017.  If you would like her to do a course in your town, she would need a minimum number of students, but would be happy to plan it with you.  Just give her a call or email!


In Sharon Strang's Own Words:

I am a self-taught massage worker.   I have always been interested in spirituality since I was a small girl learning about the Bible going to various Sunday schools, church groups, & summer bible camps, because of my various friends & relatives.  As I became older, I felt that religions divided, but spirituality united.  After taking a 4-year in-depth Personal Development Program with a Breath Integration company by the name of Inner Direction Consultants, I became more in tune with myself and my intuition.  After learning, practicing & teaching Breath work, I decided to offer massage which I had learned was a gentler way of releasing blocked energy or suppressed emotions, and so reducing our pain that we feel both emotionally & physically.  Over the past 25 years of doing massage, teaching massage courses, running a business, having a family & relationships, I became certain of the Power & possibilities within us all to do whatever it is we dream of doing in life, as my life unfolded and I created my Vision.  I learned that I was not special, and that with awareness of Self and balancing all aspects of ourselves, we can ALL create the life that we dream of. 

And so I incorporate these teachings within my courses & workshops.