Healing Hot stone massage certificate course


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The use of hot stones has been recorded for healing from ancient times all over the world, including Native America, South America, China, Africa, Europe, Egypt, and India.  Hot stones were used for many reasons,  from heating homes to sacred rituals.  People carried or wore stones for health and protection.  Amethyst crystals and quartz crystals are still popular.  Other uses for stones in general:  smaller stones were used for weapons;  a birth stone ring was a symbol of good luck.

The purpose of this workshop is to teach participants how to perform a massage using heated stones and understand the health benefits, combining practical techniques with simple energy work. It includes practical hands-on sessions.  You will also learn about the body/mind connection, where we store energy blocks, and how to locate them & move them out of the body.  The purpose of this massage is not only to relax and rejuvenate the body, but to balance it.  It is a soothing massage, great for helping arthritis as well as healing a flu virus or a cold.  A certificate is available after successful completion of the hot stone massage course plus a practicum.

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date: Saturday, January 12 - Sunday January 13, 2019

Location:  peachland, BC

                   Little Schoolhouse, 1898 Brandon Lane 

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Day 1: (9am-5:30pm) Understanding the Balancing Nature of Hot Stone Massage

Day 2: (9am-5:30pm) Developing own Style of Hot Stone Massage

(30 minute lunch both days)



$450 (no GST) 

GROUP RATES available (2 or more people)

Optional purchases:  1. Set of Hot Stones & warmer .... call instructor for specifications for best type.

  2. "Healing Massage: A Practical Guide to Relaxation and Well-being" by Susan Mumford  


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