Healing Massage 8 month certification program


Description and Details

Begins November 17-18, 2018

      An exclusive life-changing Personal Empowerment program where you will become fully certified in Healing Massage.
      Add this valuable healing skill and income to your life!

ONE WEEKEND per month for 8 months, in the beautiful retreat setting of West Kelowna!

Are you interested? If so, please read on & learn all that the Program offers. I would love to jump on a call & answer questions to see if it is a fit, since I am aware it is a big commitment (250-215-1564): it is important to make sure the Program is right for you & you are right for the Program!


You Will Learn

  • The basic, practical techniques of healing massage

  • How to move blocked energy out of the body

  • Hands-on training

  • Mechanics of massage to keep your body healthy & strong

  • Energy Awareness and true healing

  • Tools for a better life for you and your clients

  • How to start your own successful massage business

  • How to be a successful, empowered healing massage professional so you can help more people heal and have a healing practice that supports you!


The Program Includes

·         8 retreat weekends of in-depth training for you to master the skills

·         14 hours of instruction per weekend so you can practice and become confident

·         Recordings from the weekend sessions for review and learn more

(or to use if one weekend cannot be attended in person)

·         The ‘Healing Massage Manual’: At your fingertips - detailed information, guidance & all the steps for giving a full healing massage available to you anytime

·         Eight 30 minute private 1:1 mentorship sessions with Sharon (1 each month) for you to break through any barriers and create your dream practice!

·         Personalized support, training and coaching in an intimate group - you’ll always be on track

·         Private group on Facebook to give & receive support you’ll need on the journey

·         8 mastermind Q&A group online calls (1 each month!)

·         Access to ask Sharon questions throughout the month so you can move forward

·         Mastery Sessions on: Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy, Body-polishes & Body-wraps and more - you’ll have all the skills you need to build or add to a thriving practice!

·         Expert guidance from a master trainer who has been in the massage and wellness industry for over 25 years so you can graduate with confidence, clarity and deep healing wisdom!


COST:                  Just $297 per month (for 8 months) OR $1997 if paid in full (save $379!)

Only $100 to register & save your spot (12 spots available)

Cut off date for registration is November 4, 2018.

DATES:               1.      1st Month -  Introduction to Healing Massage -  November 17-18

(Skip December .... support still available)

                            2.      2nd Month – Exploring our Energy – January 12-13

                            3.      3rd Month - Goal Setting & Beyond (group breath session) – February 23-24

                            4.      4th Month – Introduction to Anatomy - March 23-24

                            5.      5th Month - Aromatherapy – (Bodywrap)  - April 27-28

                            6.      6th Month - Hot Stone Massage – May 25-26

                            7.      7th Month - Our Value as a Healer (group breath session) – June 8-9

                             8.      8th Month – Marketing - including hands-on at Interior Wellness Festival, opportunity to complete

practicum & our Graduation ! …. June 23-24

                 For more information:  Sharon Strang 250-215-1564   contact@focusbodywork.net    

                                                                         Click to Register



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